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Real Estate
SB Capital Partners invests into Real Estate through different strategies. Investment styles include:

• Outright acquisitions,
• Joint ventures with developers,
• Co-investment with fund managers,
• Mezzanine finance options.

We arrange relevant financing through our strategic relationships. We place particular emphasis on pre-screening investment opportunities. In all real estate investments we aim to provide the families we work with, the ability to invest into secure, long term investments, structured in a tax efficient manner and capable of producing in most cases both rental income and capital growth.

Our strategy is based on:

• A research driven approach
• Identification of niche sectors
• Value enhancement opportunities
• Maximisation of returns
• Risk management

SB Capital Partners focuses on opportunities which often do not attract the attention of mainstream investors and where pricing anomalies may exist and therefore the return on investment may be greater.

Some sector examples include

Student Accommodation


Retirement village concepts

student accommodation
Purpose-built student accommodation in major university towns in the UK. The demand for good quality accommodation for students is high at present. The sector has attracted investment from institutions such as the Blackstone Group and the Government of Singapore investment authority. SB Capital Partners Limited has invested over 60 million into the UK market.
  retirement village
Retirement village concepts are relatively new concepts in Europe which have proved very popular in the United States, Australia and South Africa. These are gated communities with active living facilities for retirees that include a hydrotherapy spa, cinema and wellness centre.

Eco friendly housing concepts


Self storage units

Eco Friendly Housing
Eco friendly housing concepts that use state of the art technology to reduce the harm to the environment. These may include using building materials drawn from sustainable sources, argon-filled double glazing and rainwater-recycling systems. The UK government is encouraging the building of such homes, and the demand for such homes may increase in the future.
  Self Storage Units
Self storage units. As housing is becoming more expensive, and with people living in smaller housing, the demand for self storage is rising. Lifestyle factors have also led to people seeking a suitable space to store items. Substantial growth of this sector has been seen in the United States with the UK and Europe catching up.

Light Infrastructure


Specialist Country Markets

Yachts Light Infrastructure
Light Infrastructure. International special projects including marinas, special economic zones (SEZs) and golf/spa complexes. Government incentives normally play a large part in such projects.
  Yachts Light Infrastructure
Specialist Country Markets. These are specific locations that may be attractive due to the influence of strategic factors or demand and supply imbalances. We may offer projects in countries such as Jersey, Mauritius, Antigua, Macau, Bahamas and Cyprus.
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