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Private Equity


SB Capital Partners actively seeks to invest into unique private equity investment opportunities. We focus on off-market proprietary deal flow and look to acquire strategic stakes of between 30%-50% in enterprises serving niche sectors. 

SB Capital Partners has a framework to assess potential deals:


The key sectors which we focus on and have domain expertise are :

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Clean Energy

Clean energy such as biofuels, solar, wind and geothermal are being viewed increasingly as alternative sources of energy both in developed and emerging markets. There may be good investment opportunities in this sector with government incentives in some cases.

Health Care

There is an increase in demand for healthcare services, especially with the onset of ageing populations in some countries. We seek interesting opportunities in areas such as healthcare centres, biotechnology and emerging markets manufacturing of generics.


The rapid GDP growth rates of emerging markets had led to an increase in demand for schools, universities, education institutes and language centres. We look for opportunities to co-invest with local partners to develop the provision of education services.


With rising global trade, the demand for shipping is starting to increase again. Shipping can be an interesting sector, with asset backed deals and the potential of long-term income from charters given by leading international companies.

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